Bytespree Inbound  

Ditch the flat file frustration

Bytespree Inbound makes it easy to map, track, validate, and load the avalanche of flat files your data team receives.

Flat file bliss is #DataGoals 🚀

Let's face it: not everything can be an API, but everything can be just as easy.

Uploads directly to your data lake

Control where, how, and when flat file data is loaded to your data lake.

Reusable mapping templates

Map data once and reuse mapping templates across uploads.

Automatic reminders for refreshes

Set a recurring reminder for you (or even your customers) to load new data on a schedule.

Support for compressed formats

Because who would want to waste their time loading files bigger than they need to be?

Send upload links to non-users and customers

Get emailed when it's time to upload new data - no user accounts required.

Testing and verification made easy

Define tests for templates using SQL, and have them run automatically when files are uploaded.

Built on Bytespree Data Lake

Bytespree Inbound brings sophisticated flat file management to your data lake.