Empowering Nonprofits with Data Mastery

Bytespree provides a seamless data integration experience, merging all your disparate data sources into one cohesive and queryable data lake.

How Bytespree Works

Create a Database Server

Bytespree supports Snowflake and PostgreSQL. Already have a server? Great! We can connect to it. Don't have a server? No problem! We'll create one for you.


API Connectors Connect to Your CRM and Marketing Platforms

We've built dozens of connectors to the most popular nonprofit platforms, including Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more. Just drop in an API key, and these connectors will automatically copy your data to your secure data lake on a schedule you choose.


Use Bytespree Studio to Analyze All Your Data

Bytespree Studio is a powerful no-SQL-required editor that lets you query all your data in one place. You can also use Bytespree Studio to create reports that you can share with your team.


Connect Any BI Platform

Ready to take your data lake to the next level with stunning visualizations and insight-filled dashboards? Check out our BI connection guides to get connected in just minutes.

Need help building a data analytics strategy?

Our experts are available to help you use the platform, build SQL queries and views, and even develop BI dashboards in your BI platforms.

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Hear from Other NPO Leaders

Our customers agree: Bytespree is the best way to unify your data and streamline reporting and analysis across your organization.

We use a number of applications in our marketing to reach donors in different channels, which is great. What’s not so great is that our marketing data becomes fragmented, and reporting becomes challenging. That’s why we use Bytespree to unify our data and streamline reporting and analysis across the organization.

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