Everyone's an analyst with Bytespree Studio

The no-SQL-required data analysis product empowering nonprofits to get things done with data.

Analyze your warehoused data

Bytespree Studio® empowers any user with a basic understanding of Excel to analyze data, ask questions, and get answers.

Join data together across sources

Need to create a report with data from two or more different sources? No problem. Advanced joins are a breeze in Bytespree Studio.

Create reports in record time

Build something incredible in Bytespree Studio and easily publish to Excel when you're ready.

Streamline SQL View Creation

Want to create something great and then access it in your BI platform? Publish your creations directly to SQL views.

Find and fix data issues

No data is perfect, but Bytespree Studio can help your team tackle data issues without breaking a sweat. Plus, in Bytespree Studio, you can assign data cleanup tasks to your team to keep things moving.

Built on Bytespree Warehouse

Bytespree Studio brings incredibly fast, simple, and meaningful analytics to your Bytespree data warehouse.

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