Bytespree Warehouse

Unify your marketing data in minutes

Bring your marketing and constituent data together and finally achieve the unified data experience you've been looking for.


Expedite BI adoption

Bytespree Warehouse connects seamlessly to all major BI platforms, bringing clean, reliable data to everyone in your organization.

This one's for the devs.

A complete toolkit for analytics engineering

Join data together across sources

Foreign data wrappers enable linking data together from across databases and servers for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Never write the same query twice

Intuitive view creation and management tooling makes it easy to write common queries once and distribute them across the organization. Optional scheduled materialization helps deliver data from complex views in miliseconds - not minutes.

Connect to any SQL tool you want

Raw access to the underlying data using ODBC or JDBC PostgreSQL drivers means you don't have to abandon your favorite tools to adopt Bytespree.

Complete control over indexes

Ensure your organization's queries and data operations are always moving smoothly with complete control over table and materialized view indexes.

Get notified when things change

Say goodbye to surprise breakages to analytical workflows. Bytespree connectors emit email notifications anytime source columns are added or removed.

Easy data access controls

Give the right level of access to every team member using tailored roles and permissions for each database.


The connectors nonprofits need

Bytespree Warehouse integrates with dozens of the most popular marketing tools used by nonprofits.

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Don't see the connector you're looking for? Let us know so we can add it to our roadmap.

Analyze your warehoused data with Bytespree Studio

Bytespree Studio brings incredibly fast, simple, and meaningful analytics to your Bytespree data warehouse.

Learn more about Bytespree Studio